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Visualization of the Week: 161 years of hurricanes

Using NOAA data, developer John Nelson visualizes every hurricane since 1851.

Given the pummeling the East Coast of the U.S. has taken this week from Hurricane Sandy, a hurricane visualization seemed apropos. Simon Rogers at The Guardian’s Data Blog highlighted developer John Nelson’s work visualizing every hurricane since 1851:

Hurricanes since 1851
Click here for the full visualization.

In a blog post, Nelson describes the view: “You are looking up at the Earth; Antarctica at center, the Americas to the right, Australia and Asia to the left, and Africa at the bottom.” The color variations are tied to hurricane intensity — the brighter the dot, the more intense the hurricane. He also brings up some interesting hurricane facts, noting the void circling the image is the equator, as hurricanes can’t cross it. Read more…

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Visualization of the Week: Chasing storm chasers

A visualization tracks the people who track big storms.

This week's visualization comes from Tim Dye, who has mapped the routes of storm chasers alongside the weather patterns they pursue.

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A new look for weather data

A new look for weather data

WeatherSpark puts weather on display with full-screen maps and historical trends.

WeatherSpark co-founder Jacob Norda talks about making weather data — both real-time and historical — more accessible and intuitive.

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