Visualization of the Week: How cities flow

Using Uber's ride data, neuroscientist Bradley Voytek created a visualization showing the flow of people throughout nine US cities.

In January, Uber’s resident neuroscientist Bradley Voytek put together a visualization of the flow of people in San Francisco — the volume and direction of people traveling from one city neighborhood to another — using Uber’s ride data. Now, he’s done it for eight more US cities.

Here’s a look at the flow in Boston:

Uber Boston City Flow
Click here to see the full list of visualizations.

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Why Uber’s data fascinates a neuroscientist

Why Uber’s data fascinates a neuroscientist

The unique relationship between a brain expert and a car-sharing service.

Neuroscientist Bradley Voytek's interest in networks and nodes goes beyond the human brain. Here, he discusses the data generated by car-service company Uber and how the company has influenced his research.

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