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Visualization of the Week: NFL rushing stats

Every NFL rushing play from 2008-2011, visualized.

Juice Labs has cooked up an interactive visualization, “The Spider,” showing rushing tendencies of every NFL team from the 2008 through 2011 seasons. Want to know which way the New England Patriots typically run — and the average or total yards gained — on first and long, or Stevan Ridley’s average yards gained on 4th and short during the 2011 season (-1 … ouch …)? The visualization shows this and more for every team, player, and rush.

Click here for the full visualization.

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Visualization of the Week: A whole new way to look at the NBA Finals

A series of basketball visualizations reveal team and player tendencies.

The New York Times uses shot selection and completion data to break down the championship matchup between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.

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