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Demoting Halder: A wild look at social tracking and sentiment analysis

You no longer have control over where a first impression occurs.

My short story, "Demoting Halder," was supposed to lay out an alternative reality where social tracking and sentiment analysis had taken over society. As the story evolved, I wondered if the reality in the story is something we're living right now.

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Visualization of the Week: Sentiment in the Bible

Sentiment analysis sheds new light on an old book.

OpenBible.info found a novel way to examine one of the world's most analyzed texts: Create a visualization showing the rise and fall of sentiment across the Bible.

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Trading on sentiment

Trading on sentiment

Sentiment analysis gives algorithmic trading an edge

Sorting through thousands of news stories and categorizing information based on mood and tone creates useful data points for financial systems.

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With sentiment analysis, context always matters

Matthew Russell on the limitations and applications of sentiment analysis.

Though sentiment analysis is subjective, Matthew Russell says using transparent methods and keeping the data in context are keys to making it an effective tool.

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Strata Gems: Usahidi enables crowdsourced journalism and intelligence

Built for emergencies, now available as open source and as a web service

Built for emergencies, Usahidi's mapping and social media monitoring tools also have commercial applications. Though open source, the tools are also available as for-pay hosted services.

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Strata Gems: Use Wikipedia as training data

The online encyclopedia is a great resource for data scientists

Wikipedia is an essential tool in the data scientist's armory. Today's Strata Gem shows how it can be used to help computers distinguish between different sense of common words.

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