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The rise of programmable self

The rise of programmable self

Quantifying your changes + motivational hacks = programmable self.

Taking a cue from the Quantified Self movement, the programmable self is the combination of a digital motivation hack with a digital system that tracks behavior. Here's a look at companies and projects relevant to the programmable self space.

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Epatients: The hackers of the healthcare world

A quick reference for becoming an empowered patient.

The epatient community uses digital tools and the connective power of the Internet to empower patients. Here, Fred Trotter offers epatient resources and first steps.

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If you can quantify the self, can you also program it?

If you can quantify the self, can you also program it?

Fred Trotter on how the "Programmable Self" can be applied to healthier living.

Fred Trotter is examining the Quantified Self through the lenses of motivation, behavioral economics, and software. He expands on each of these topics in this interview.

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Data and a sense of self

Data and a sense of self

Gary Wolf on how Quantified Self marries data with personal improvement.

User data isn’t the sole domain of marketing manipulation — we can harness and apply that data for our own purposes as well. In this interview, Gary Wolf explains how the Quantified Self is encouraging “the personal use of personal data.”

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Strata Gems: A sense of self

Network-connected sensors track your fitness

Small data matters as much as big, and none more than data about ourselves. Fitness and health tracking is going wireless and personal.

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