Visualization of the Week: Global BitTorrent usage

A 24-hour look at world-wide BitTorrent activity.

This week's visualization comes from BitTorrent, which has created a time-lapsed video showing a day's worth of geo-located logins.

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The quiet rise of machine learning

The quiet rise of machine learning

Alasdair Allan on how machine learning is taking over the mainstream.

From Goodreads to Google to Orbitz, machine learning is slowly becoming part of everyday life. Alasdair Allan discusses current uses and how machine learning factors into his own robotic telescope network.

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The Locker Project: data for the people

The combined efforts of the Locker Project and TeleHash could help people be at the center of their data. Plus: Bloom presents Fizz, a new data app.

Three data efforts — the open source Locker Project, the TeleHash protocol, and commercial support from Singly — look to help people get more value from their personal data.

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