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Visualization of the Week: The living city

Visualizing the urban flow of Geneva.

This week's visualization illustrates the paths people take through Geneva, based on the digital traces left by their mobile phones.

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Tertiary data: Big data’s hidden layer

Tertiary data: Big data’s hidden layer

Thoughts on the hidden data that's generated about us, rather than by us.

Big data isn't limited to multi-terabyte datasets or data markets. It also includes the hidden data you carry with you all the time and the growing data on your movements, contacts and social interactions.

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T-Mobile challenges churn with data

T-Mobile challenges churn with data

T-Mobile's architecture helps it put data to use across the business.

Mobile service provider T-Mobile uses a federated architecture and virtual data zones to empower innovations in regional marketing, churn management and customer care.

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Visualization of the Week: Mobile data redraws the map

SMS and mobile data reveal communication communities — some new, some old.

Researchers are looking at mobile phone data to see if our relationships and communications are restricted by geographic boundaries.

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