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Strata Week: Revolutionizing human resource management with work-force science

Big data aids HR, DataKind heads to the U.K., and German regulators fine Google a "paltry" 145,000 euros.

Big data replaces gut instinct in HR management

In a post at the New York Times, Steve Lohr took a look this week at a new data discipline: work-force science. The field pairs big data with human resources to help remove subjectivity and gut instinct from the hiring process and HR management. Lohr notes that in the past, studies conducted to understand worker behavior included a few hundred test subjects at most. Today, they can include thousands of subjects and far more data points. Lohr writes:

“Today, every e-mail, instant message, phone call, line of written code and mouse-click leaves a digital signal. These patterns can now be inexpensively collected and mined for insights into how people work and communicate, potentially opening doors to more efficiency and innovation within companies. Digital technology also makes it possible to conduct and aggregate personality-based assessments, often using online quizzes or games, in far greater detail and numbers than ever before.”

Lohr looks at several companies applying data-driven decision making to HR management. Read more…

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Data in the HR department

Data in the HR department

Google's Kathryn Dekas on how a data-driven mindset applies to human resources.

Google's people analytics manager Kathryn Dekas discusses the ways in which human resources departments can use data for the benefit of both employers and employees.

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