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How do you become a data scientist? Well, it depends

My obsession with data and user needs is now focused on the many paths toward data science.

Thanksgiving 2012

Over Thanksgiving, Richie and Violet asked me if I preferred the iPhone or the Galaxy SIII. I have both. It is a long story. My response was, “It depends.” Richie, who would probably bleed Apple if you cut him, was very unsatisfied with my answer. Violet was more diplomatic. Yet, it does depend. It depends on what the user wants to use the device for.

I say, “It depends” a lot in my life.

Both in the personal life and the work life … well, because it really is all one life isn’t it?  With my work over the past decade or so, I have been obsessive about being user-focused. I spend a lot of time thinking about whom a product, feature, or service is for and how they will use it. Not how I want them to use it — how they want to use it and what problem they are trying to solve with it.

Before I joined O’Reilly, I was obsessively focused on the audience for my data analysis. “C” level execs look for different kinds of insights than a director of engineering. A field sales rep looks for different insights than a software developer. Understanding more about who the user or audience was for a data project enabled me to map the insights to the user’s role, their priorities, and how they wanted to use the data. Because, you know what isn’t too great? When you spend a significant amount of time working on something that does not get used or is not what someone needed to help them in their job.
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Visualization of the Week: The classroom seating chart

A visualization reveals the seating habits of graduate students.

An interactive visualization from Skyrill shows the classroom migration pattern of grad students.

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Data science is a pipeline between academic disciplines

Data science is a pipeline between academic disciplines

Drew Conway on how data science intersects with research and the social sciences.

Strata speaker and PhD candidate Drew Conway discusses how data science is influencing the processes and outcomes of academic research in the social sciences.

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Wolfram’s Computational Document Format

Wolfram, makers of Mathematic and Wolfram Alpha, unveiled a new set of
tools today for embedding mathematical formulas and charts into
documents. It could make a big difference to publishers in the
sciences and social sciences.

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Strata Week: There’s money in data sifting

Strata Week: There’s money in data sifting

DataSift lands funding, popping the hood on Google Plus, data products for education

In the latest Strata Week: DataSift's access to the Twitter firehose proves compelling for investors, the inner workings of Google Plus are revealed, and contestants crank out apps for education.

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Data News: Week in Review

Data News: Week in Review

Personal genomics, education data, and a new version of Hadoop

In the latest Data News: 23andMe offers discounted personal genetics testing, DonorsChoose.org opens its dataset for a hacking education contest, and Cloudera releases Version 3.0 of its Hadoop distribution.

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