OSCON Preview: Interview with Eri Gentry on a biologist’s coffeehouse

BioCurious is a Silicon Valley gathering place for biologists and
other people such as artists who are fascinated by biology. It serves
for learning, sharing, and an incubator for products and ideas.

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OSCON Preview: Interview with Greg Biggers on DIY clinical trials

Opening up clinical trials can accelerate findings, reveal more data
of value to future trials, and–perhaps most important–make
participants feel really good about doing it. An interview with OSCon
speaker Greg Biggers.

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Trying to Track Swine Flu Across Cities in Realtime

John Geraci is a guest blogger and heads up the DIY City movement. He will be speaking about DIY City at Where 2.0 in San Jose on 5/20. Since early last friday, when I got a tip about swine flu in Mexico City from a health researcher, the team that does SickCity has been working to make the system something…

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