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Startup Showcase: And the finalists are …

A compelling crop of companies will present at the Strata Conference + Hadoop World Startup Showcase.

We had a wide range of startups apply for a slot in the Strata Conference + Hadoop World Startup Showcase. Our selection committee, which included investors, entrepreneurs, and executives from SAP — which is sponsoring the event — whittled these down to just a few, who will get a chance to strut their stuff in the Big Apple next week.

All sorts of early-stage firms applied, both those using data as a key differentiator, and those building the next-generation infrastructures that can handle the torrent of information our world produces. We also had applicants who visualize, communicate, and democratize, turning complex, chewy data into bite-sized, interactive nuggets that are easier to digest.

It’s a compelling crop of new entrants into today’s vibrant big data ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to next week’s event, where Tim O’Reilly and Fred Wilson face the unenviable task of choosing the top three.

Startup Showcase finalists

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The evolution of data products

The evolution of data products

The data that drives products is shifting from overt to covert.

The real changes in our lives will come from products that have the richness of data without calling attention to the data.

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New tools and techniques for applying climate data

A workshop shows early signs of climate scientists and data scientists coming together.

Climate cycles, machine learning and improved models were all part of the discussions at the first New York Academy of Sciences Workshop on Climate Informatics.

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Strata Week: Green pigs and data

Strata Week: Green pigs and data

Rovio mines data to improve Angry Birds, HP bets on big data, Daily Dot parses the social web for stories.

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, is using data and analytics to keep bird-launching gamers plugged in. Also, HP's acquisition of Autonomy reveals its data intentions, and the Daily Dot finds stories with an assist from data journalism.

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Data and the human-machine connection

Data and the human-machine connection

Opera Solutions' Arnab Gupta says human plus machine always trumps human vs machine.

Managing data and extracting meaning require new approaches, new education, and even a new language. Opera Solutions CEO Arnab Gupta discusses each of these areas in the following interview.

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Strata Week: There’s money in data sifting

Strata Week: There’s money in data sifting

DataSift lands funding, popping the hood on Google Plus, data products for education

In the latest Strata Week: DataSift's access to the Twitter firehose proves compelling for investors, the inner workings of Google Plus are revealed, and contestants crank out apps for education.

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A new challenge looks for a smarter algorithm to improve healthcare

The Heritage Healthcare Prize puts up $3 million dollars for a predictive algorithm to identify at-risk patients.

The Heritage Health Prize will ask the world's scientists to submit an algorithm that will help identify patients at risk of hospitalization before they need to go to the emergency room.

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Growing new data streams

There's considerable promise in data sources targeting the global agricultural community.

High-quality and high-margin products will come to market that have their roots in agricultural data acquisition and repackaging.

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