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Why Hadoop caught on

Doug Cutting on Hadoop's rise and why he's surprised at its growth.

Doug Cutting discusses Hadoop's current and near-term role, and the factors that made it a central part of data processing.

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Tapping into a world of ambient data

Microsoft's David Campbell on what's changed in the data frame.

Microsoft is thinking about big data and creating new tools to create value from it. In this interview from the Web 2.0 Summit, David Campbell, a technical fellow at Microsoft, talks about his work and thinking about big data.

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Strata Week: There’s money in data sifting

Strata Week: There’s money in data sifting

DataSift lands funding, popping the hood on Google Plus, data products for education

In the latest Strata Week: DataSift's access to the Twitter firehose proves compelling for investors, the inner workings of Google Plus are revealed, and contestants crank out apps for education.

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