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Strata Week: Profiling data journalists

Strata Week: Profiling data journalists

The work of data journalists and a comparison of four data markets.

This week's data news includes a look at the work of various data journalists, Edd Dumbill surveys four data marketplaces, and the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference experiences impressive growth.

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Data markets aren’t coming. They’re already here

Gnip's Jud Valeski on data resellers, end-user responsibility, and the threat of black markets.

Gnip cofounder and CEO Jud Valeski discusses data markets (and black markets), social media, and real-time data's impact on customer relations.

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Strata Gems: Three key data trends for 2011

Data markets, real-time technology, and the race for developers

To conclude our Strata Gems series, we take a look at the important drivers for the data world in 2011: data markets, real-time data processing, and developers.

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Strata Week: Shop ’til you drop

Strata Week: Shop ’til you drop

Stack Exchange goes in-house, Netflix pays for platforms, survey data gets visualized, and Infochimps acquires Data Marketplace

In this edition of Strata Week: Stack Exchange takes their hardware and software in-house; Neflix explains their adoption of AWS and open source; the New York Times maps out survey and census data; and Infochimps acquires Data Marketplace.

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Strata Gems: Where to find data

Starting points for data markets and open data

With the growth of both the open data movement and data marketplaces, there's now
a wealth of public data that you can use in your analyses and applications.

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