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Profile of the Data Journalist: The Data News Editor

John Keefe learned data journalism from the online community and applied it to public radio.

John Keefe is a senior editor for data news and journalism technology at WNYC public radio, based in New York City, NY. He attracted widespread attention when an online map he built using available data beat the Associated Press with Iowa caucus results earlier this year.

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Profile of the Data Journalist: The Human Algorithm

Ben Welsh is augmenting the investigative work of the Los Angeles Times with open source coding.

To learn more about the people who are redefining the practice computer-assisted reporting, in some cases, building the newsroom stack for the 21st century, Radar conducted a series of email interviews with data journalists during the 2012 NICAR Conference.

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Visualization of the Week: Visualizing the Strata Conference

The Information Lab visualizes the Strata Conference's attendees.

This week's visualization comes from The Information Lab and shows who was at the Strata Conference, how far they traveled, and the data their companies produce.

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