Pete Warden

A former Apple engineer, Pete Warden is the founder of OpenHeatMap, and writes on large-scale data processing and visualization.

How to create a visualization

How to create a visualization

Pete Warden walks through the steps behind his latest Facebook visualization.

Creating a visualization requires more than just data and imagery. Pete Warden outlines the process and actions that drove his new Facebook visualization project.

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Lessons of the Victorian data revolution

Lessons of the Victorian data revolution

Transaction costs, crowdsourcing, and the persuasiveness of data were all in play long ago.

Examples from the Victorian era show that if we're going to improve the world with data, it's absolutely essential we stay grounded in reality.

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Why you can’t really anonymize your data

It's time to accept and work within the limits of data anonymization.

Because we now have so much data at our disposal, any dataset with a decent amount of information can be matched against identifiable public records. To keep datasets available, we must acknowledge that foolproof anonymization is an illusion.

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Why the term “data science” is flawed but useful

Counterpoints to four common data science criticisms.

While formal boundaries and professional criteria for "data science" remain undefined, here's why we should keep using the term.

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Will data be too cheap to meter?

Will data be too cheap to meter?

Data acquisition for a site like CrunchBase may not carry the costs some assume.

The data acquisition process should be increasingly automatic, and so increasingly cheap. I'm hoping for a world where information producers are paid for extracting value from that data.

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4 free data tools for journalists (and snoops)

A look at free services that reveal traffic data, server details and popularity.

You no longer have to be a technical specialist to find exciting and surprising data. In this excerpt from Pete Warden's ebook, "Where are the bodies buried on the web? Big data for journalists," Pete looks at four services that reveal underlying information about web pages and domains.

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