Nicolas Garcia Belmonte

Nicolas Garcia Belmonte works as a Data Visualization Scientist at Twitter. Nicolas creates advanced data visualizations using web standards like HTML5, WebGL and 2D Canvas. He is also the author of PhiloGL and the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit two frameworks for creating interactive data visualizations for the Web. His frameworks and visualizations have been used and featured in a variety of companies and places including Google, Mozilla, Ars Technica and FastCompany.

Exploring web standards for high data density visualizations

A sneak peek at an upcoming visualization session from the 2013 Strata Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Strata Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks, the Strata Community Site will be providing sneak peeks of upcoming sessions at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara. Nicolas’ sneak peek is the first in this series. 

Last year was a great year for data visualization at Twitter. Our Analytics team expanded and created a dedicated data visualization team, and some of our projects were released publicly with great feedback.

Our first public interactive of 2012 was a fun way to expose how the Eurocup was experienced at Twitter. You can see in this organic visualization how people cheered for  their teams during each match, and how the tension and volume of  tweets increased towards the finals.

NB StrataSC 2013 image1

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