Nat Torkington

Nat has chaired the O'Reilly Open Source Convention and other O'Reilly conferences for over a decade. He ran the first web server in New Zealand, co-wrote the best-selling Perl Cookbook, and was one of the founding Radar bloggers. He lives in New Zealand and consults in the Asia-Pacific region.

Open Data Pointers

Open Data Pointers

After blogging about talking to government departments and scientists about truly open data, talking up an “open source approach” to data, pushing hard to get them to release datasets in machine readable formats with reuse-friendly licenses, readers sent me a lot of interesting links. I’ve collected them all to share.

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Open Source NG Databases (mailing list summary)

There are plenty of new databases coming out, aiming to tackle the massively scalable domain that Google's BigTable pioneered. On the Radar mailing list, Jesse pointed out Cassandra (Facebook's offering) and Mike Loukides countered with Hypertable, asking "We're sort of being overrun with BigTable-style databases; I wonder what's going to win?". (Artur observed, "Cassandra is less like BigTable and more…

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