Jim Stogdill

Jim Stogdill is the General Manager of O'Reilly Media's Radar. In previous lives he started the big data practice at a major systems integration consultancy (!= bubble 2), advocated open source technology and methods in government and defense, built a reverse auction system for a B2B startup (bubble 1), brought heuristic-based optimization and online trading to the corporate treasury, and traveled the world as a Navy Officer. Unfortunately from his vantage point it all looked like the inside of a submarine. He spends his free time hacking silver halides with decidedly low-tech gear. On Twitter he is @jstogdill.

Heavy data and architectural convergence

Data is getting heavier relative to the networks that carry it around the data center.

Imagine a future where large clusters of like machines dynamically adapt between programming paradigms depending on a combination of the resident data and the required processing.

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The chicken and egg of big data solutions

The chicken and egg of big data solutions

Are solution vendors waiting for broad Hadoop adoption before jumping in?

So, here we are with all of this disruptive big data technology, but we seem to have lost the institutional wherewithal to do anything with it in a lot of large companies, at least until package solutions come along.

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