Edd Dumbill

Edd Dumbill is a principal analyst for O'Reilly Radar, and program chair for the O'Reilly Strata Conference and the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

What is big data?

What is big data?

An introduction to the big data landscape.

It's the hot trend in software right now, but what does big data mean, and how can you exploit it? Strata chair Edd Dumbill presents an introduction and orientation to the big data landscape.

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Five big data predictions for 2012

Five big data predictions for 2012

Edd Dumbill looks at the hot topics in data for the coming year.

The coming year of big data will bring developments in streaming data frameworks and data marketplaces, along with a maturation in the roles and processes of data science.

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Oracle’s Big Data Appliance: what it means

Hadoop and R are the new industry standards

Today, Oracle announced their Big Data Appliance. It couldn't be a plainer validation of what's important in big data right now, or where the battle for technology dominance lies.

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Big data and the semantic web

Big data and the semantic web

At war, indifferent, or intimately connected?

The big data and semantic web worlds seem to be disjunct. Yet big data is poised to light the fire beneath the long-held dreams of the semantic web, and the semantic web will enable data scientists to describe, organize and reason about their results.

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Data is a currency

The trade in data is only in its infancy

If I talk about data marketplaces, you probably think of large resellers like Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters. Or startups like InfoChimps. What you probably don't think of is that you yourself trade in data.

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Data startups: we want you

Data startups: we want you

Applications for Strata's startup showcase are due by Friday, Jan. 21.

Strata's startup showcase is a great opportunity for data-oriented startups to get exposure, feedback and the chance to pitch on the main stage. But hurry because entries close this Friday (Jan. 21).

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Strata Gems: Three key data trends for 2011

Data markets, real-time technology, and the race for developers

To conclude our Strata Gems series, we take a look at the important drivers for the data world in 2011: data markets, real-time data processing, and developers.

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Strata Gems: CouchDB in the browser

Get a feel for MapReduce without installing any software

The JSCouch project is a partial implementation of CouchDB in the browser, letting you experience CouchDB's storage and MapReduce queries without installing any software.

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Strata Gems: Whirr makes Hadoop and Cassandra a snap

Get control over cloud resources

The cloud makes clusters easy, but for rapid prototyping purposes, bringing up clusters still involves quite a bit of effort. The Whirr project makes cloud control simple.

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Strata Gems: DIY personal sensing and automation

Strata Gems: DIY personal sensing and automation

A simple app turns Android phones into intelligent agents.

Tomorrow's augmented reality is being built today on mobile devices. The Tasker app for Android puts the power of the phone's sensors and network into the hands of non-programmers.

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