Peeking Into the Trough

Has big data reached the dread peak of inflated expectation?

According to Gartner, big data has now reached the peak of inflated expectations in its hype-cycle model, and is falling into the ‘trough of disillusionment’—a period of disappointment and negative press.

Edd Dumbill is not so sure. “Big data is only just getting going,” he says. “Sure, it’s not magic, but there’s much opportunity and much to learn.” Still, he does see a change in big data’s maturity.

In planning Strata 2013, Edd sees a bigger focus on best practices and growing past pilot deployments. “The real value will come when companies embrace big data as a business problem, not an IT project,” he says.

What do you think: Are we there yet? Does this descent into the trough indicate that real usefulness is just around the corner? We look forward to reading your answers below.

  • Edd Dumbill

    I went into a bit more detail about what I think of the hype cycle in this piece, “I Scoff At the Trough” –

    To summarize, the hype cycle is just common sense in a dark suit. If you focus on your goals and business problems, it’s a lot harder to become unstuck. Tech for tech’s sake has a low chance of doing what you want it to.

  • ann spencer

    Hmmmmm. I typically only glance at “hype cycles” and prefer to
    focus on the core problems that people are trying solve with data.

  • Navin Sinha

    big Data as an IT project will solve business problems; the hype goes on… when the focus will be not just solving business problems but also innovation? What challenges Big Data poses to predictive analytics in Insurance or Retail for example? The singular vision is having all these tools and technology. So the Hype cycle continues and also continues the fluff over doing real stuff!